Faith in Action: Providing Compassionate Care since 1998
Providing comfort and care since 1998
A Neighbor's Independence Depends on You

Our mission is to promote
the independence, 
end the isolation, and 
sustain the dignity of
homebound frail seniors, 
seniors with other chronic illnesses, 
seniors with disabilities, 
the medically vulnerable, 
and their family caregivers 
throughout Solano County.

Try it!  See how good it feels!

Senior Voices

A project for homebound seniors wanting to interact with other homebound seniors via teleconference calls

Information about this project can be found on the  Senior Peer Counseling pages.  

A man in Vacaville claiming to be a volunteer and using our flyers, is going door-to-door soliciting donations in the agency's name.  

This is NOT a fundraising activity put in place by Faith in Action.  

Please call the Vacaville Police Department at (707) 449-5200 if you become aware of this scam.  Please also notify the Administrative office at (707)425-6164.  

Faith in Action provides non-acute, non-medical support  services to homebound seniors by matching them with trained volunteers or by linking them to other resources. 
The assistance provided by our network of volunteers through our caregiving programs is intended to help improve the quality of life for those whom we serve.  We hope to help our care receivers in remaining independent and in their homes, as well as maintaining a connection to their local community.

Faith in Action: Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers of Solano County has advocated for and  provided assistance to the senior community since 1998

How to reach us: 

Administrative Office
3303 Whitemarsh Lane
Fairfield, CA  94534
(707) 425-6164(707) 425-6164

Caregiver Respite Program/
Ride with Pride Program/
Senior Peer Counseling Program
91 Town Square Pl.
Vacaville, CA  95688
(707) 469-6675(707) 469-6675 or (707) 469-6668(707) 469-6668

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