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Senior Peer Counseling Program
Faith in Action's Senior Peer Counseling Program was added in May 2008.  The program is designed to meet the needs of seniors who are experiencing mental distress, such as depression and anxiety as a result of isolation due to frailty or chronic illness.  Peer support can be provided to both the care recipient or the family caregiver (if 60 or older).

Support is provided in several ways:
First -- 1:1 peer counseling in the home for 1-hour counseling sessions for homebound senior.  These 1-to-1 sessions are weekly.

Second -- For those seniors who desire group interaction, trained volunteers facilitate group counseling sessions.  These groups also meet weekly, up to 10 weeks.  These are closed groups; those wishing to attend a group, the care recipient must speak with program staff.
Presently, the agency has 1 group in Vallejo, and 2 groups in Fairfield.

Third -- homebound seniors unable to leave their homes but still desire group counseling, the agency offers Senior Voices, a virtual counseling group that meets via teleconference.  Seniors enrolled in this group will call a 800 number (toll free) and enter a code specific to that group.  Groups will run for 1 to 1-1/2 hours weekly, up to ten weeks.

Staff may be contacted at (707) 469-6668(707) 469-6668 or (707) 425-6164(707) 425-6164 or by email:

A New Group for Persons
Living with Chronic Illness
is about to begin!

Funding for this program is provided by Solano County Mental Health,  Kaiser Permanente, and by private donations.  In-kind space for monthly supervision meetings of counselors provided by Brookdale Solano in Fairfield.



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