Faith in Action: Providing Compassionate Care since 1998
Providing comfort and care since 1998
Volunteer Opportunities
"All you need is a wealth of spirit to help with Faith in Action” 

                  (Su, pioneer board member)

 Who can help?

Anyone who cares about
the quality of life in our community
and who desires to improve it.

Anyone who is motivated to help the homebound maintain dignity.

Anyone who wishes to respond
to a call to serve others

Why do we help?

Because we desire to help people maintain their sense of independence
and remain in their own homes for
as long as possible.

Because our faith traditions and/or personal values motivate us
to come to the aid of others.

Because we care;
we can’t look the other way.

Because we desire to make 
our community a better place to live.

"It feels good to know that you matter to somebody, and I know that I matter to my care receivers."
y, volunteer caregiver)

"When these volunteers come to help me, it opens another door.  They remind me that I'm still cared about."
(Dorothy, 86 year old care receiver)

To volunteer, call (707) 425-6164,
(707) 469-6675, or (707) 469-6668.

 You can email at

You can download an application:

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Volunteer Duties


Volunteers provide the following:

  • transportation to and from medical and social service appointments. In the Caregiver Respite Program, this may require door-through-door service, and waiting at the doctor's office.
  • in the Ride with Pride Program, volunteers will also transport to other destinations, such as to the bank, the hair salon; volunteers will transport up to 4 persons on a predetermined route.
  • in the Senior Peer Counseling Program, transport is to and from group counseling sessions or individual therapy sessions.
  • assist seniors to the grocery store or if care recipient cannot go, go grocery shopping for that person.  Will require putting away groceries
  • help in some light house cleaning, or yard work, and for those willing to share their skills -- provide minor home safety repairs
  • phone reassurance calls
  • home visitation
  • in-home peer counseling
  • facilitate peer group sessions
  • reading to those unable to see clearly or at all
  • bill paying and/or organizing, help in filling out necessary forms
Volunteers do not provide
  • hands-on personal care, such as bathing, dressing, or lifting
  • hands-on medical care, such as changing bandages, wound care, or IV bags.

 Please call (707) 469-6675
for more information
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